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To be the number one choice as an Integrated Facilities Management partner for businesses by combining people, processes, and technology.

Mission - Your Peace of Mind

Our aim is to deliver training and skill enhancement opportunities
 to a substantial workforce, covering a broad spectrum of 
professionals by 2025.

Empowering Growth, Enriching Lives

Established with a commitment to redefine workspace excellence, Carewel
Facility Management has emerged as a trusted leader in Integrated Facility Management (IFM) services. With a commitment to quality, scale, and customer-centricity, Carewel is your partner in creating exceptional office environments that drive productivity and success.


Spanning in the cities like Bengaluru and Chennai, and serving clients across 70 locations, Carewel has cemented its position as a premier IFM service provider. Our journey of excellence began with a pivotal moment in 1995 when Carewel was founded, bringing together a fusion of expertise and vision.

Meet The Mastermind​

Bharathi Kamath, a visionary Founder, a hospitality industry expert, embarked on her entrepreneurial Journey in 1995 by establishing Carewel Facilities India. Today, Carewel stands as a trusted name in facility management services. Her commitment to women’s empowerment is evident as she successfully trains women in operations challenging stereotypes and employs a substantial number of women. Contributing to their economic empowerment. As a governing council member in the Academy for Workplace Excellence, a Scheveran initiative in partnership with MS Ramaiah University of Applied Science, Bengaluru, she actively contributes to the professional development of the industry.

Bharathi Kamath, a visionary Founder and Managing Director of Carewel Facilities India Pvt Ltd, is a driving force behind Carewel success. Her passion for excellence has inspired the team to deliver exceptional facility management solutions.

Advisory Board​

Ananth Muniyappa
Investment Banker

Suresh Badlaney
Ex- VP Opr Meridian

Venkatesh Valluri​
Chairman valluri Technology Accelerators​


Manjula Kamath
Head Administration & Procurement

Lt Col I G Doddamani
Head Business Development

Operations Head

HR Manager

Finance Manager

Nirmal Kumar
Sr. Operations Manager

Velayutham Raja
Operations Manager

Smitha CJ
Executive Assistant

Shravan Kumar Mishra
Attendance In-charge

Accounts Executive

Accounts Assistant

Vikram Joshi

Sr. Training Manager

Why Carewel?

Maximized savings

Enhanced work environment

Better business decisions

Focus on core competencies

Reduced headcount

Single point of contact

Improved quality

Enhanced consistency

Sharing of Best practices

On-site Management