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Highly trained executives make frequent on-site visits and are easily accessible on any additional needs. We have been providing professional mechanized cleaning solutions across industries. Our supervisory staff’s are highly trained and use only the state-of-the-art equipment and environment friendly cleaning products.

At Carewel, we work towards complete responsibility outsourcing for client’s “NON CORE ACTIVITIES"


Our Services Productivity Index is a quantifiable standard for measuring facility management productivity. These are proven process that has produced positive, verifiable results for customers and building owners as well our services and our employees.

Typical areas that are measured and reported include:

  • Quality control
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Quality Processes to Ensure Satisfaction
  • Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Worker productivity
  • Work order completion
  • Preventive maintenance activity
  • Reliability/uptime
  • Financial performance
  • Maintenance cost / asset replacement analysis


We work hard to understand your critical business activities and how we can impact them positively. These are just a few of the quality processes established to ensure that your total satisfaction is met:

  • Customer surveys
  • Client review meetings
  • Site evaluations
  • Site visits by senior executives
  • Formal escalation process for priority response


Our non-compromising work ethics elevates our contracts with customers and actually include performance-based fee structures. You won’t find a better facility investment than that.




We work towards a common goal with our clients, having an environment that’s clean and pollution free; our staff uses environment-friendly chemicals to run the machines.

All our processes ensure complete safety of the client’s assets and ensure appreciation of its assets.

All staff receives an induction at the commencement of their employment, which includes basic training in all aspects of Health & Safety that’s applicable to their job.

Our machinery is checked regularly to see that it complies with the safety of electricity at work norms.

By following the process, we ensure that our products and our personnel are used only for their intended safety and hygienic support to ensure that the client concentrates on "MANAGING HIS WORK"




Carewel practices a well-defined safety culture. We continuously work towards creating new benchmark for the safety of our staff, machinery and the environment.

Our onsite training team conducts a formal Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) Compliance Program, with the staff, additional inputs is developed at each client site. This program documents EH&S policies and procedures that are to be followed to reduce the likelihood of accidents.

Close teamwork with our management and site employees has resulted in measurable improvements in safety. Adherence to safety requirements and overall safety performance has earned Carewel recognition at many customer locations.